About us.

Darren Mehling

MABBA two-time Super-heavyweight & Overall Bodybuilding Champion Competition Preparation Expert MUSCLE INSIDER Columnist

Together, my wife IFBB Pro Christina Mehling and I, Competition Prep Expert Darren Mehling, BA, CSCS, have over 40 years in the fitness industry. We have helped thousands of people achieve their health, fitness, and competition goals. As athletes and coaches, we teach from experience, and we know what it takes to make you a champion and achieve personal excellence.

Our coaching has proven to be one of the most effective ways to prepare for physique competitions in the world. We have helped our competition Freak family earn 899 physique competition top–3 awards, from regional to Professional level, and 35 IFBB Pro card qualifications.

But we realize that your goals may not include stepping on stage. We understand that it’s not for everyone. You want to improve your performance in the boardroom and in the gym. You want to walk on the beach and actually want people to look at you and admire you. You want to feel damn proud of what you have under that shirt!

Well, a big part of our Freak family’s success comes from our belief that everyone deserves the best plan possible to achieve your fitness & performance goals. We know that achieving your goals requires physical, mental, and emotional commitment, so we do more than just provide you with a diet and training program. We offer guidance and support for all of those aspects in your life that can influence your progress. Not only does this get better over time, it’s actually one of the reasons why Freak Fitness clients stay for years, and how we’ve become a “FREAK family.” It’s not just because of the results. It’s also because of the positive relationships that develop. We will always be on your side and always have your best interests as our only priority. We understand what your goals are, and why you do not settle for “average.”

Work with us, become part of the Freak family, and you will realize your true potential. Discover what you can achieve when you are provided with the proper guidance and a supportive community. See how it feels to be the center of attention everywhere you go, how it feels to accomplish what you previously thought was impossible, and discover what it feels like to be a FREAK!

Christina Mehling

IFBB Figure Pro,
CBBF National Fitness Champion
Posing & Presentation Expert